Rent or Lease Printer in Dubai

It shouldn't be difficult or expensive when you are interested in leasing, renting or purchasing a printer or copier. The Printers Company is an Independent service provider that specializes in supplying and maintaining printers and copiers on rental basis. We offer a Full Preventative Maintenance schedule for all the printers and copiers supplied and hold a major stockholding of Parts and Consumables at our Head Office. Why not get in touch with us to discuss your photocopier leasing and printing lease requirements. The Printers Company will make it a simple and pleasant experience. We cover a wide area and will deliver to your door, setup and make sure everything is working.

It is always our goal to provide you with exactly the printer or copier that best suits your needs. We offer you a wide choice and tailor the best solution to suit your requirements and fit your budget. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction whether you are leasing, buying or renting a printer, scanner or multifunction copier. Contact one of our advisors today and see what The Printers Company can do for you.

Why Choose Us?

Why Rent a Copier

Printers are generally high maintenance equipments, avoid this incurred expense by just renting a printer for your business without any initial investment. Our technical team ensures that office equipment is frequently serviced, reducing downtime and maintaining ongoing performance.

Hiring a multifunctional printer from us will give you complete peace of mind due to our experienced and knowledgeable team being able to give you a detailed analysis of your workflow and provide you with a rental product that befits exactly what's needed. A friendly, efficient and reliable service. Further to this we offer flexible printer rental agreements and try to keep away from lengthy contracts unlike many other printer hire companies in the sector. We deliver fast and extended hours technical help, all of which is designed to keep your operations running smoothly. So why not request a callback from a member of The Printers Company team and discuss the tailor-made options available to you?

Why Choose Us?

At The Printers Company we can offer a variety of options to lease or rent photocopiers, printers and multifunction devices which help you to choose the most suitable solution for your business without worrying about the initial capital outlay.

This innovative leasing / renting solution is ideal for companies who need:

" To conserve cash flow and bank lines " To cut down on printing costs and accurately budget on a month-to-month basis " To rent training equipment for a short period of time " To hire equipment for specific projects " Rent equipment for conferences or events

Short-term equipment rentals

The Printers Company saves you the time and effort of buying expensive equipment that is only needed for a short space of time. Short term leasing is ideal for training sessions, conferences, Events and temporary staff. Whether your business needs printing equipment hired for a day, week or month, The Printers Company tailor makes a solution for you and delivers accordingly.

Long-term equipment rentals

Did you know that about 70-80% of your staff probably use less than 20% of their computing power, yet you pay a premium for the idle capacity? At The Printers Company, we offer our alternative equipment at half the price of new over three years. Avoid the drama and delay of making complicated decisions on unnecessary investments and high premiums - give The Printers Company a call for the desired solution.

We understand the revolution of the business world, and the fact that it is expensive to keep replacing or upgrading your office printing equipment. The Printers Company boasts a professional on-site technical team that will assist with any maintenance on our printing equipment. We respond rapidly to your enquiry, and can assist with having simple paperwork approved within a day of completion. If you would like to know more about our printing equipment for hire, contact The Printers Company today.

Our Support

There is a whole lot more to quality service than providing great products on time. The Printers Company team constantly strives to determine and deliver exactly what you want and expect of our products, service, communication and performance.

Proactive responses

The Printers Company, With Service that is unrivalled we understand that minimizing downtime is critical to all business irrespective of location size or fault, we understand we have to produce a solution to your situation to increase efficiency and enhance productivity ASAP. So by calling us you can rest assured that your situation is in the hands of someone that understands and cares about the outcome.

Call Service Centre

Our expert advisors are fully trained and professional; customer service is their job. Their technical and experienced assistance helps lower the stress of problems. We pride ourselves on owning your problem from start to finish and go to great lengths to minimize the impact of any interruption.

In the field

Our highly qualified and experienced Engineers are dedicated to helping you get the maximum uptime from your solution. Alongside fixing the immediate issue, preventive maintenance is always undertaken to enhance machine reliability and longevity, providing a 'Total Service Call' that leaves things as good as new - or better

Ready to get started?

At-times you might not find it feasible to invest a huge amount of money on buying copiers and large MFDs, especially if the requirement is a short lived one. In such cases, spending a little amount of money for taking the right copier on rent in the best possible option. We provide printers on rent in Dubai. If you want to hire a printer or looking for a printer leasing service provider, consider us for your printer leasing requirement. Our printer rental solutions and charges are very nominal and helps you to save big on every page you print.

  • Basic Plan
  • AED 350
    • Copier Model: Canon IR B&W
    • Specification: Print/Copy/Scan/Send
    • Free Copies Black: 5000
    • Free Copies Color: N/A
    • Extra Copies per Black: 8 Fills
    • Extra Copies per Color: N/A
    • Toners: Unlimited Free Toners
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  • Standard Plan
  • AED 650
    • Copier Model: Canon IR Color
    • Specification: Print/Copy/Scan/Send
    • Free Copies Black: 2500
    • Free Copies Color: 800
    • Extra Copies per Black: 8 Fills
    • Extra Copies per Color: 40 Fills
    • Toners: Unlimited Free Toners
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  • Standard Plus
  • AED 800
    • Copier Model: Canon IR ADV Color
    • Specification: Print/Copy/Scan/Send
    • Free Copies Black: 3500
    • Free Copies Color: 1200
    • Extra Copies per Black: 7 Fills
    • Extra Copies per Color: 35 Fills
    • Toners: Unlimited Free Toner
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